Menopause Support for Your Organisation

Simple strategies that increase employee engagement and develop inclusive cultures

Why invest in Menopause support in your business?

Investing in people is always the right thing to do. It defines you as an organisation that cares and values the contributions your colleagues make. Today’s business environment has an increased focus on gender diversity and equity across senior management and executive positions. Raising awareness and providing support for Menopause in the workplace, alongside the revision of processes that enable women’s progression is a critical part of being – and being seen as being a female friendly organisation.


Menopause support is a cornerstone of an inclusive and equitable culture. Women need to feel supported and included to stay with an organisation.


Organisations that visibly raise awareness and openly support their staff throughout Menopause will attract the best of female talent.



Menopause doesn’t affect ambition, but a lack of support, awareness and opportunity will. Women want to succeed.


Increased focus on gender diversity in senior and executive positions makes effective Menopause support an imperative.

What clients say …

With her positive and encouraging way of communicating as well as her deep knowledge on the topic, Kate engaged with our audience in a fabulous way. The feedback on the event has been tremendous and we feel lucky that we had Kate in for this open and honest conversation at the EIB. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with Kate and highly appreciate her work as Menopause Coach and change maker on this topic.

European Investment Bank (EIB)

This is a session every company wanting to support more women into senior positions should arrange.

Federated Hermes

Kate created a session that resonated with our employees perfectly

Northumbrian Water

menopause in business client

Your Second Phase

Reclaiming work and relationships during and after Menopause

“For so many, menopause has been misunderstood and poorly supported. Kate’s book gives women the ideas and tools they need to successfully navigate Menopause. She tackles everything, from money and work to motherhood and relationships. This is one of those great books for women, by a woman, that every man should read”

Gethin Nadin, Author, A World of Good

“This book shines a light on what should be a priority workplace issue – Menopause. The chapter on work provides valuable insight that will give many women the confidence to start a conversation in their organisation about support that could help with their symptoms and transform their working life.”

Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Adviser, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Book cover - Your Second Phase by Kate Usher